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VIMP:Admission facility for more than one (1) course

Dear Network Partner

This is with reference to admission facility for more than one (1) course.

We would like to announce that now ALC can register already admitted learner to any another course without learner data entry/photo-sign re-uploading.

This feature is available from August 12 batch for all courses of MKCL. Please note that there will not be any change in learner payment confirmation process.

Existing MS-CIT/WAVE learners of any batch can be registered to any WAVE courses without data entry and photo-sign uploading.

Please follow below mentioned process:


1. Click on Admissions -> Learner -> View Learner Details

2. Enter learner code to search learner details

3. Click on learner code, learner details will be displayed

4. Go to tab – ‘New Course Application’

5. Select course, batch, mode of payment, medium of instruction

6. Select ‘Another course application’ radio button

7. Click on ‘Submit’ button to register learner

8. Confirm learner payment using existing process (Advance payment system)

Note: Re-admitted learner data cannot be edited in any scenario.

With Regards,

LLC Aurangabad

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