LLC Aurangabad

सर्वांना सहकार्य करण्यासाठी

MOM exam status report

Dear All,

This is with reference to MOM 2012.

Kindly note that the exam date for conducting MOM Sub-Jr & Junior Olympiad exam is extended till 07th October 2012. You are requested to go through the attached status report & complete the remaining exams on or before 07th October 2012.

For getting the extended exam dates ALCs need to follow the steps given below to conduct the Practice & Final Exams for Sub-Junior & Junior Olympiad students.

1. Download the new patch from on ERA 5 Server.

2. Extract & Run the patch.

3. Download the Sub-Junior & Junior Courses from the patch.

4. After the course download, re-download the learners for the exams.

5. After learner download, Enable Midterm exam from Facilitator login.

With regards,

LLC Aurangabad

Copy of MOM 2012 Exam Status 30th Sep 2012.xlsx


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