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MS-CIT October-2012 Exam Event: Regarding re-exam/exceptions processing (1)

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Reexam Application MS-CIT:October 2012:ALC 01/10/2012 11:59 PM
Reexam Payment through Advance Payment MS-CIT:October 2012:ALC 01/10/2012 11:59 PM

Dear All,

This is with reference to re-exam/exceptions processing for MS-CIT October-2012 Exam Event.

Related Link: Admissions Learner Reexam data processing status

o Failed/Absent learners from following MS-CIT batch(es) can apply for re-exam in MS-CIT October-2012 Exam Event.

· MS-CIT March-2012

· MS-CIT May-2012

o Exceptions for MS-CIT October -2012 Exam Event have also been made available for further processing.

o The schedule for re-examination application and exceptions processing is as follows:

· Last date to apply learner for re-exam through ALC Solar login: 05.00 PM September 29, 2012.

· Payment schedule:Last date to confirm learner from Advance Payment through ALC Solar login: 05.00 PM September 29, 2012.

· Last date to re-upload corrected data for MSBTE rejected re-exam/exceptions learners: 05.00 PM on October 02, 2012.

o If the learner has been approved by MSBTE in the past exam events, he may not appear for correct/incorrect marking and can be directly sent for MSBTE approval/rejection. In such cases, center will not be able to edit the learner data. Centers are requested to take the note of the same before applying learner for re-exam.

o ALC can mark the photo/sign data of re-exam learners as correct (if applicable) only after learner re-exam application status is RLC-confirmed.

o Only correct marked re-exam/exceptions learners (only in case of learners available for correct/incorrect marking) will be sent for MSBTE processing.

o If particular learner is not marked as correct within schedule, he should apply for re-exam in next available re-exam event (subject to availability of attempts) by paying necessary fees.

o Learners rejected on or after last day of MSBTE processing (for this exam event) will not be eligible for this exam event.

o Also, in case learner status is Not Processed Or MSBTE Pending, kindly ensure if the photo and/or sign of that particular learner is available on Solar. The data is sent for MSBTE processing only if both Photo and Sign are available on Solar.

o MSBTE may not process the learner data multiple times. Hence, please ensure the good quality of photo/sign.

o MSBTE will not process any data after the deadline and the pending/rejected learners will not be eligible for the Exam.

Note: Please apply the learners and make necessary payment for re-examination well in advance to avoid the last minute issues.

Please Note: Schedules are adhered to as closely as possible, but MKCL reserves the right to alter the schedule & process at anytime as operating conditions demand.

“only we can do everything best , just decide to do best”

Thanks and Regards,

Nilesh D. Zalte

LLC Coordinator,

D.S.A.N. Pvt. Ltd.

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd

Near Dipali Hotel, N-2, Pl.No. 9, Maya Nagar, CIDCO,

Aurangabad – 431003 ; Tel. 0240 – 2470333, 2470289, 8275319797


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