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Framework Update (SU1) release for ERA6

Dear Network Partner’s,

This mail is with reference to the ERA6 Framework Update 1 released today i.e. 1st March 2013. All the ALC’s are requested to install the update. The update will get automatically installed through ERA Assistant (if ERA Assistant is running and Internet Connection is present) else ALC’s can manually download and install the update from the link mentioned below.


ERA Support Site Link:

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in ERA 6 SU1 update.

MSCIT related Issues:

1. ALC’s facing the issue regarding Date synchronisation while trying to access ERA 6 Learner login and LF login.

2. Some ALC’s have been facing issue related to Data uploading such as ‘Divide by Zero error encountered’ or ‘Upload operation encountered an unexpected error’. This issues will be resolved and Data will be uploaded successfully after installation of SU1.

3. ALC’s have also been facing issue related to scoring of marks in MSCIT. Learners even after solving all 200 activities (TAC & TABC) correctly were not getting full marks. This issue has also been solved in SU1. After installing the SU1, marks of such learner will get re-calculated and updated.

WAVE Related issues:

4. After installing all the WAVE courses, these courses were not visible in LF login under View Course content link. This issue has been resolved in SU1.

5. Centres facing issue related to Downloading of assessments and assignment for WAVE courses from Data Traveler. This issue will also get resolved.

6. While uploading Assignments for WAVE YCMOU courses on client machine having OS as Windows 7, “Invalid file” message was being shown. This issue has also been resolved in SU1.

All the above mentioned issue will get resolved after installing SU1.

With Regards,

Nilesh Zalte
LLC Aurangabad


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