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Reg. release of SU3 for ERA6

Dear Coordinator,

This mail is with reference to the release of ERA 6 SU3 on 16th July 2013. Following issues have been fixed along with introduction of some reports in learner and LF login.

1. WAVE Courses Provisional Certificate: After installing SU3 on your server machine, for WAVE learner who have passed all the sections, the provisional certificate will now get generated from LF login through the link WAVE Appearing certificate under Tutoring menu. Following conditions must be met in order to generate the provisional certificate from this link. Failing to meet the below conditions will not generate any provisional certificate.

a. For following WAVE MKCL Courses the learner must have secured at least 20 marks out if 50 in Final as well as Midterm exam. The marks for the exams can be viewed in the LF login under the reports section with report name as WAVE Diploma Learning Progression Report

i. Diploma in Banking Financial Services and Insurance

ii. Diploma in Customer Service Management

iii. Diploma in Retail Management

iv. Diploma in Selling Skills

v. MS-ACIT IT for Teachers

vi. Personal Financial Management (For this course learner must have secured at least 40 out of 100 in Final exam as not midterm exam is present for this course)

b. For following WAVE YCMOU Courses Learner must have secured at least 10 out of 25 marks in each of the four sections in order to generate the provisional certificate/statement of marks from LF login. The marks for each section can be viewed in the LF login under the reports section with report name as WAVE Certificate Learning Progression Report

i. WAVE Certificate in 2D Animation

ii. WAVE Certificate in Web Designing

iii. WAVE Certificate in Desktop Publishing

iv. WAVE Certificate in Content Illustration

v. WAVE Certificate in Image Editing

vi. WAVE Certificate in C Programming

vii. WAVE Certificate in C++ Programming

viii. WAVE Certificate in Video Editing

ix. WAVE Certificate in Financial Accounting with ERP

2. Data uploading issue: Some ALC’s were facing issue while uploading data from LF login. This issue will get resolved after installing SU3 update.

3. WAVE Assignment Marks issue: Some of the ALC’s were facing issue related to incorrect total marks for Assignments in WAVE Certificate Learning Progression Report for WAVE YCMOU Courses. This issue has been resolved in SU3.

4. LF Supervisor Password change issue: Some ALC’s while trying to change the supervisor password were facing issue and were not able to change the password. This issue has also been resolved in the update.

In addition to above bug fixes in the ERA 6 framework following feature/reports have been introduced in ERA6.

1. ERA Assistant: All the Centres kindly note that after installation of SU3, if ERA Assistant is not running on your server machine then you will not be able to access ERA on server as well as client machine. So all Centres are kindly requested to ensure that ERA Assistant is running on server machine after installation of SU3.

2. ePortfolio Reports: Earlier it seemed difficult for LF to keep track of ePortfolio that has been solved by each and every learner for MS-CIT/WAVE Course. To avoid this in future and make ePortfolio tracking easy two new reports have been introduced in LF and Learner login. In LF login under the reports section this new report is named as ePortfolio Attempt Details whereas in Learner login this report will be visible in the ePortfolio under the My Portfolio section as Details link.

3. ALC ERA Activation: In casesome ALC need to reinstall ERA 6 due to some reason then after reinstalling ERA6 ALC must have to first install all the ERA updates then only the ALC will be able to activate ERA. Without installing the ERA update/s, ALC will not be able to activate ERA.

Thanks and Regards,

Nilesh D. Zalte

D.S.A.N. Pvt. Ltd.

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd

Near Dipali Hotel, 1st Floor, Pl.No. 9,

Maya Nagar, N-2, CIDCO, Aurangabad – 431003 ;

Å 0240 – 2470333, 2470289, È8275319797


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