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सर्वांना सहकार्य करण्यासाठी

Achieve success in MOM

Dear Network Partners,

As per schedule of MOM- 31 August 2013 is last date to enroll learner admissions in solar login.

As we know all of you are doing best activities for all the project related to MKCL and you are also doing good activities for MOM admission too, so I suggest to all the centers to motivate the students for taking the admission for MOM, guide them and convey them all the services related to MOM which we are providing for them, and enroll as much as possible learners for MOM, till there are 8 days in your hand.

Because all the activities which you conduct and achieve the success in that, it will help to expand your success and performance.

While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.

All the Best.

with regards,

LLC Aurangabad


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