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Webcasting Services : Training on October 9, 2013 ( Wednesday) at Pune


Dear Network Partners,

This is with reference Webcasting Services.

We have scheduled the training on Webcasting for the centers who have completed the registration process successfully.

Training details follow:

· Training Date : October 9, 2013 ( Wednesday)

· Duration : 1 day

· Time : 10.00 am- 4.00pm


Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.

Registered Office

ICC Trade Towers

“B” Wing, 5th Floor

Pune – 411 016

Those centers who have not yet completed the registration process, kindly complete the registration process on or beforeOctober 7, 2013 so that these centers can participate in the same training program.

Please watch the videos on the Webcast Services available on the following link, which provide the guidance about webcasting and its business opportunities.

Note: Those centers who have already attended the training session they need not to attend this training again.

With regards,

LLC Aurangabad

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