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Link for KLiC Diploma complete course content

Dear Network Partners,

This is with reference to the KLiC Diploma course Content for new ERA. We have made available complete content of the 10 Role Base Modules (RBM) of KLiC Diploma program.

You can download the content for each RBM from below link:

On this link, you will see the list of below mentioned RBM. Just click on any RBM which you want to download and save the content on your machine.

Sr.No RBM Name
1 Data Analyst with Excel
2 Travel Consultant
3 Business Presentation Specialist
4 Marketing Executive
5 Executive Assistant
6 Graphic Designer
7 DTP Operator
8 Stationery Designer
9 Photo Editor
10 Web Designer

Steps to follow to copy eContent of a RBM:

1. Open data traveler and click on ‘Copy eContent’ tab

2. Click on ‘browse button’

3. Locate and select the course content to be copied

4. Click on ‘Copy eContent ’ button

5. Wait for some time till the Content gets copied to your machine. After the content get copied following message will appear

Thanks and Regards,
Nilesh Zalte
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.


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