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Launching: WAVE Certificate in Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Dear Network Partners,

This with reference to the launch of New Course WAVE Certificate in Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We are happy to inform you that we have launched new course under our WAVE Series on SOLAR:

WAVE Certificate in Computer Aided Design (CAD)

This course will give the learners knowledge about the field of Computer Aided Design (CAD) using AutoCAD (v2010) Software.

The details of this course are as follows:

1. Course Subscription:

a. ALCs can subscribe to this course by submitting EOI through their SOLAR login at following link

Channel Partner Network� View,Apply,Process Activity/Project/Course� Submit EOI for Course/Project/Activity

b. Course subscription fees: Rs. 500/- (valid upto December 31st,2013)

2. Learner Add and Payment Confirmation:

a. ALCs can Add learners for this course thorough their SOLAR login like all other WAVE Courses

b. Learner Fees: Rs.3000/-

c. ALC Share: Rs. 2240/-

d. MKCL Share: Rs. 760/-

3. Mode Of Delivery:

a. Like all our courses this course will also delivered thorough ERA 6.0

b. Course Content of ERA will be available for download in the next week

4. Medium Of Delivery:

a. Medium: English

5. Syllabus and day-wise Breakup:

a. The syllabus for this course and its day-wise breakup is attached with this mail for your reference.

6. Assessment Pattern

a. The course content will be in sequential manner

b. Learner will solve total 200 Take a challenge (TACs) and Take a bigger challenge (TABCs) for scoring his marks

with regards,

LLC Aurangabad




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