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सर्वांना सहकार्य करण्यासाठी

Data Upload Issue

Dear Coordinator,

Following centers have not uploaded single admissions till today all of you are requested to upload maximum admissions on or before 20th April, 2014

Upload data today to avoid last date problems of servers

Center Code Network Partner Name TLC/WLC SBU
16210128 Real Technology Center Cyber Infotech Nilesh
16210330S1 Guru Perfect Institute Cyber Infotech Nilesh
16210371 Global Computer Cyber Infotech Nilesh
16210384 EKLAVYA INFOTECH Cyber Infotech Nilesh
16210369 Padalkar Computer Educuation Cyber Infotech Nilesh
16210147 Dolphin`S Computer Dolphin`S Computer Bali
16210219 Shape Computer Instutute Dolphin`S Computer Bali
16210065 Zorin Computers Dolphin`S Computer Bali
16210174 Shri Swami Samarth Computers Dolphin`S Computer Bali
16210391 Rahber Educational, Cultural and Welfare Society Dolphin`S Computer Bali
16210239S4 PHOENIX COMPUTERS Fulambri Manjushree
16210203S6 Sai Computers Fulambri Manjushree
16210424 Shri Bhoidev Shikshan Sanstha Fulambri Manjushree
16210401 M-TECH COMPUTER NIDHONA Fulambri Manjushree
16210162 Yash Computer Education Gangapur Sagar
16210071S8 Ambition Computer Gangapur Sagar
16210396 Dattakrupa Computer Center Gangapur Sagar
16210111S5 DNYANDEEP COMPUTERS Gangapur Sagar
16210154S7 Guru Perfect Institute Pachapirwadi Fata Gangapur Sagar
16210153S7 SANSKRUTI PREM COMPUTERS Gangapur Sagar
16210348 Tanweer Computers Kannad Nilesh
16210361 Ajit Dada Pawar Urdu Highschool Kannad Nilesh
16210377 NR Computers Kannad Nilesh
16210034S4 SHRIYOG COMPUTER Kannad Nilesh
16210375 SAI COMPUTER Kannad Nilesh
16210376 New M-Tech Computer Wasadi Kannad Nilesh
16210398 Sarswati computer Khultabad Nilesh
16210062 Disha Computers Merit Computers Tushar
16210280 Shri Sai-Samarth Computer Education Merit Computers Tushar
16210141 Sai Shardha Computers Merit Computers Tushar
16210025 Habibiya Computers Merit Computers Tushar
16210200 Majestic Computers Merit Computers Tushar
16210044 Sai Institute Of Computer Technology Paithan Bali
16210305 Prerna Computers Institute Paithan Bali
16210359 Shri Ram Infotech Paithan Bali
16210186 Shri Samarth Computers SHREE EKLAVYA COMPUTERS Bali
16210198 Soft Pragati Computers SHREE EKLAVYA COMPUTERS Bali
16210334 Expert Computer SHREE EKLAVYA COMPUTERS Bali
16210416 Sairaj Infotech SHREE EKLAVYA COMPUTERS Bali
16210392 Mandakini Computer Center SHREE EKLAVYA COMPUTERS Bali
16210418 ABHINAV COMPUTERS Sillod Manjushree
16210286S3 ADITYA COMPUTERS Sillod Manjushree
16210157S9 Om Computer Dhanora Sillod Manjushree
16210155 Vansha Info-Tech Soygaon Sagar
16210030 Compuworld Suyash Computer Institute Manjushree
16210013 Sharp Computers Suyash Computer Institute Manjushree
16210185 Kahar Infotech Suyash Computer Institute Manjushree
16210119 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University, Aurangabad Suyash Computer Institute Manjushree
16210360 MSM’s Maj. R.G. Salvi Memorial School Suyash Computer Institute Manjushree
16210159 Perfect Computer Institute Vaijapur Sagar
16210214 Vaishanvi Computer Academy Vaijapur Sagar
16210160 Avera Infotech Vaijapur Sagar
16210315 Abhinav Computer Education Vaijapur Sagar
16210160S2 Classic Computer Vaijapur Sagar
16210209S4 J K Knowledge Center Vaijapur Sagar
16210208S2 Om pinakeshwar computer Parala Vaijapur Sagar
16210159S5 Perfect Computers Vaijapur Sagar
16210404 Raje Sambhaji Secondary Higher Scondary School Vaijapur Sagar
16210158S3 Sumiran Computers Vaijapur Sagar
16210158S4 Sumiran Computers Vaijapur Sagar
16210370 Trishna Infotech Vaijapur Sagar
16210101 Pragati Computers Vidya Infotech Tushar
16210217 Saya Computer Center Vidya Infotech Tushar
16210283 Anuradha Computer Centre Sai Balbhavan , N- 4 , Cidco ,Aurangabad Vidya Infotech Tushar
16210026 Sanganak Pradnya Nagari Seva Vasti Prakalpa Vidya Infotech Tushar
16210052 Kamal Computers Vidya Infotech Tushar

Thanks and Regards,

Nilesh D. Zalte

D.S.A.N. Pvt. Ltd.

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd

Near Dipali Hotel, 1st Floor, Pl.No. 9,

Maya Nagar, N-2, CIDCO, Aurangabad – 431003 ;

Å 0240 – 2470333, 2470289, È8275319797


Think before you print!!!

If you have any problem to data upload you can contact to yout SBU Coordinator,

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