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New QOES with Language Support Released

Dear All,

We are releasing new QOES today.

You can download this installer from below link:

The new QOES installer will enable ‘Language Selection’ feature.

That means, along with English language, learners will be able to attempt the questions in Marathi and Hindi language as well.

Also, NTLDR issue has been taken care by this installer.

NTLDR issue will not occur now onwards.

Please Note:

1. In order to attempt “Do it yourself & Practice Tests” activities in MS-CIT, QOES installation is mandatory.

2. You have to install QOES on ERA6 server machine. If you have already installed QOES, There is no need to uninstall OLD QOES.

3. You can directly install new QOES.

4. If you are facing NTLDR issue, please resolve the issue before installing new QOES.

5. Please ensure that IIS 5.1 is properly installed in your server to ensure error free installation.

Thanks and Regards,
Nilesh D. Zalte

D.S.A.N. Pvt. Ltd.
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd
Near Dipali Hotel, 1st Floor, Pl.No. 9,
Maya Nagar, N-2, CIDCO, Aurangabad – 431003 ;
Ph. No. 0240 – 2470333, 2470289, 8275319797

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