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MS-CIT January-2015 Exam Event : Re-examination/Exceptions Processing

Dear All

This is with reference to re-examination/exceptions processing for MS-CIT January-2015 Exam.

Failed/Absent learners from following MS-CIT batches can apply for re-examination in MS-CIT January-2015 Exam Event:

· MS-CIT May 2014 to October 2014 (2 Months) Batches

· Last date to apply learner for re-examination by ALC: 05.00 PM January 03, 2015.

· Last date to confirm learner through Advance Payment by ALC: 11.00 PM January 03, 2015.

The schedule for re-examination and exceptions learner data processing by MSBTE is as follows:

· Last date to re-upload corrected data for MSBTE rejected re-exam/exceptions learners by ALC: 05.00 PM January 04, 2015

· Last date to process learners data by MSBTE: 05.00 PM January 05, 2015

· Important Note:

o If the learner has been approved by MSBTE in the past exam events, s/he will not appear for correct/incorrect marking in ALC solar login. In such cases, ALC will not be able to edit the learner data. ALCs are requested to take the note of the same before applying learner for re-examination. MSBTE will also not re-process the same data.

o Learners rejected on or after last day of MSBTE processing (for this exam event) will not be eligible for this current exam event.

o Also, in case learner status is Not Processed Or MSBTE Pending, kindly ensure if the photo and/or sign of that particular learner is available on Solar. The data is sent for MSBTE processing only if both Photo and Sign are available on Solar.

o MSBTE may not process the learner data multiple times. Hence, please ensure the good quality of photo/sign.

o MSBTE will not process any data after the deadline and the pending/rejected learners will not be eligible for the current exam event.

· Please apply the learners and make necessary payment for re-examination well in advance to avoid the last minute issues. Also correct learner data of last exam event which was pending due to not processed or rejected or by MSBTE.

Thanks and Regards,

Nilesh D. Zalte

D.S.A.N. Pvt. Ltd.

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd

Near Dipali Hotel, 1st Floor, Pl.No. 9,

Maya Nagar, N-2, CIDCO, Aurangabad – 431003 ;

Å 0240 – 2470333, 2470289, È8275319797


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