LLC Aurangabad

सर्वांना सहकार्य करण्यासाठी

Digital Indian Course

Dear Network Partners,

This is with reference to the Launch of Digital Indian Course.

The ‘Digital Indian’ Course is published in both, English and Marathi languages.

The content for this new course can be downloaded from the link below. Size of this content is 193 MB:

ALC will have to follow 3 simple steps as given below:

1. Download the course ‘Digital Indian’ from Data Traveler (Without content) from LF Login

2. Download the learner data from LF login for the above course and learner batch for which learner has taken admission

3. Download the content from the above link and extract the above folder to the path (C:Program Files (x86)Apache Software FoundationTomcat 7.0webappsERAresourcescontent (for 64 bit) OR C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 7.0webappsERAresourcescontent (for 32 bit)) based on the Operating system present in Server machine

Thanks and Regards,

Nilesh D. Zalte

LLC Aurangabad.

Dev Siddh Assim Nirmiti Pvt. Ltd.

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.


Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.
9, Maya Nagar, CIDCO, Near Dipali Hotel, Aurangabad.431001

Ph. No. 0240 2470333, 2470289, Mo. No. 8275319797



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